About the Center

Nagasaki University Center for Japanese Language and Student Exchange supports students’ ambitions for international experiences by offering cross-cultural opportunities. Our Center provides Japanese language education to students from other institutions who are interested in studying in a Nagasaki University program, and in collaboration with the Nagasaki International Student Support Center, we offer cultural exchange opportunities with Japanese students within and outside Nagasaki University. For Nagasaki University students, in addition to providing support for study aboard programs, we promote collaborative language education programs with the Center for Language Studies. It is often said that life is an ever-evolving journey. We hope that during your university days you will explore various possibilities for self-improvement, and we will be pleased to support your challenges.

Kazuhiro Tsukamoto, Trustee and Vice President

The Center for Japanese Language and Student Exchange
promotes and supports study abroad at Nagasaki University.

[scope of work]
(1)Inbound students from partner universities/research institutes
(2)Counseling and assisting international students on their study and daily life
(3)Japanese language and culture education for international students
(4)Preliminary language education for international students entering faculties/graduate schools
(5)Outbound students to partner universities/research institutes
(6)Building a network for international alumni
(7)Managing the operation of Nagasaki University International House
(8)Promoting exchange opportunities for international and Japanese students
(9)Other services to assist in education for international students


Director (Trustee for Educational Affairs) Professor Kazuhiro Tsukamoto
Deputy Director(Vice President for International Exchange) Professor Akihide Tada
Academic Staff at our Center Associate Professor Kumiko Matsumoto
Associate Professor Chikako Nagai
Associate Professor Miyuki Tada
Associate Professor Yumi Furumoto