Health Insurance / Pension

National Health Insurance

All international students possessing a Residency Permit (students staying over 6 months) must join the “National Health Insurance”. By joining this insurance plan, the personal burden of the medical expenses is 30% of total medical costs. When seeking medical care, please be certain to carry the health insurance card. In addition, the health insurance card acts as a form of personal identity, so take care not to lose this important document.
How to join
In order to join, you must register at the National Health Insurance section of Nagasaki City Hall. You need to bring your passport for application. The health insurance card will be mailed to you within 10 days.
Insurance Premium
The cost for one year is 15,300 yen (in the case that one’s income does not exceed 100,000 yen per month).
National Health Insurance Tax Declaration Form
Every year around June, a payment booklet will be delivered to your address and the payments are divided into ten installments for one year. When the National Health Insurance Tax Declaration Form is delivered to you around January, you must return it after filling it out. This document is to report whether or not you have an income. If you fail to report, it will affect the premium for the following year and you will be charged a higher amount.
Before Returning Home
When returning home, you should report to the National Health Insurance section of Nagasaki City Hall beforehand in order to return the health insurance card and to properly make adjustments on the premium.

National Pension – Special Payment System for Students –

All residents of Japan between the age of 20 and 60 must join the National Pension system. This also applies international students as well. There is a special payment system or payment for students who have difficulty in paying the premium. Those who qualify should apply when they register at the City Hall. Students must present their identification card when applying.
Special Payment System for Students
Registered undergraduate and graduate students qualify for the “Special Payment System for Students”. This system will allow students to be exempt from payment during their time as students.
Application for Exemption
Applications for exemption can be made at the National Pension desk in Nagasaki City Hall. Non-regular students such as special attendance students or research students do not qualify for the Special Payment System for Students. However, students may still apply for exemptions on their premiums. This system allows students to fully or partially exempt insurance premiums based on income from the previous year (previous year’s income when applying from January to June). Most international students will be exempted entirely, except for those who worked in Japan the previous year. As a rule, it is necessary to make the application every year. The term of exemption is every year from July until the following June. Please be certain to apply for exemption every July.