Nagasaki University International Winter Program

Nagasaki University International Winter Program

Nagasaki University welcomes students who wish to “feel” Nagasaki through Japanese language lessons and cultural experiences!
This is an English-taught program for the students who are enrolled at overseas university.

Program Contents
  • Japanese Language lessons
      Various course levels from elementary to advanced
  • Special lectures under the theme of Japan and Nagasaki
     Japanese Animation, Understanding Contemporary Japanese Society by Keywords, History of Nagasaki, Nagasaki and Atomic Bomb etc.

  • Certificate of Completion will be issued for those who attend whole program, from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, without any absence nor lateness.
  • The latest program information is available here!
  • Students who are enrolled at overseas universities.
  • Applicants must have an environment to attend the online classes using ZOOM audio and video.
    For those who wish to check the ZOOM connection with us before the program starts, you can try and check the connection in between 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm on June 11 (Japan time).
    Please note that your attendance cannot be counted as “attended” if you attend WITHOUT turning on the camera during the class.
  • Applicants must have Language Proficiency as below:
    To have sufficient Japanese language for the course you wish to take.
    Also for the Introductory①、Introductory② and N4 level courses, applicants are required to have English language sufficiency.
  • Applicants must prepare the designated text book and make sure to have it before the class starts.
    Please order the text book right after you are accepted to the program.(Online program)
Participation Fee
  • Please check the Program Outline of the program you wish to apply to. Participation fee differs depending on the program duration, the time of program, and the contents.
  • Participation fee should be wire-transferred to the designated bank account by the deadline.
  • Participants are responsible for; all the service charges regarding overseas remittance, and textbook fee.
Application Procedure
  • Applicant’s home university submits the “Nomination Sheet” to Nagasaki University(
  • Applicants should prepare all required documents and complete the online application.
Required Documents and Data
  • Copy of Passport
  • Certificate of Enrollment issued by applicant’s home university(in English)
  • ID photo data
  • Proof of an overseas travel insurance (After NU selects the participants, we require them to submit it. For those who do not submit, we will cancel their participation.)

  • You do not need to send hard copies of application documents.

【Schedule from Application to the program Participation】

Summer Program
  • 1 Application Starts Mid-April
  • 2 Application Deadline Mid-May
  • 3 Payment Deadline End of May
  • 4 Arrival in Japan Early August
Winter Program
  • 1 Application Starts Early October
  • 2 Application Deadline Early November
  • 3 Payment Deadline Mid-November
  • 4 Arrival in Japan Early February

* Regarding Entry to Japan
You may need to obtain a visa to attend the program. The visa for this program should be the short-term-stay, NOT a student visa. For detailed information, please contact the nearest embassy/consulate of Japan in your country. Also, please inform us if you are required to obtain a visa.

* Arrival Support
We will set the time and date for arrival. If you can come the designate airport on designated time and date, university staff will guide you to the accommodation from the airport.