International Short-Term programs

Nagasaki University International Short-Term Programs

There are three International Short-Term Programs at Nagasaki University.
A Japanese language/culture course, an island life course, and a course focused on Planetary Health. You can choose anyone one course out of the three.

Program Details
  • Course 1: Japanese Language and Culture(7/26~8/9)
    • Learn Japanese in language classes conducted according to skill level (beginner, N4, N3, and N2 levels available).
    • Participate in special lectures on Japan and Nagasaki (e.g., Japanese anime, Nagasaki’s history, Nagasaki festivals, etc.).
    • and Experience Japanese culture(tea ceremony, wearing kimono and other traditional Japanese clothing, Japanese food, and more).
  • Course 2: The Islands Tell the Tale: Then and Now(8/12~8/16)
    • By living a life on the islands, you will learn about the faith and lifestyles of the people who live on the Ojika Islands. On Nozaki Island, you will discover the what is left of the religions of “Shinto” and “Christianity” that people once believed in, and think about how religion was involved in life on the island. Additionally, on the Ojika Islands, you will learn about efforts being made toward a sustainable future for the island through the various challenges that come with living life on outlying islands.
  • Course 3: Planetary Health in Nagasaki(8/19~8/30)
    • In the uniquely geographical, historical, and cultural context of Nagasaki, Japan, we deeply explore various aspects including people’s lifestyles, beliefs, efforts towards peace, biodiversity, local communities, traditional crops, and food culture through lectures and guided tours. Throughout the program, we investigate the impact of the international movement of people and goods on local communities’ lives and cultures, gaining insights into contemporary societal challenges such as immigration issues, religious conflicts, environmental degradation, and ways to address them.
Application Guidelines
Participation Requirements
  1. 1) You must be enrolled in a foreign (non-Japanese) university.
  2. 2) You must enroll in international travel insurance plan that covers you for the entirety of the course period.
  3. 3) You acknowledge that you are responsible for your airfare, travel costs while in Japan, international travel insurance fees, food, and other costs that may be incurred.
Participation Fee

Tuition differs based on course.
Please be sure to check the respective program fees in the 2024 International Short-Term Program Application Guidelines.

How to Apply
  1. Send an e-mail to:
  2. Download and fill in the nomination Form below, and submit to Nagasaki University ( The nomination Form is to be filled out by the relevant individual at your university.
  3. The participant must prepare the necessary documents and apply using the application page below
    Students without a nomination from their university may not apply.
Necessary Documents
  • ・Copy of passport
  • ・Proof of University Enrollment
  • ・Portrait photograph for identification (for use on the application)
  • ・Proof of enrollment in travel insurance (if you do not submit after after your acceptance into the program, you will be unable to participate)

*We do not require the original. You may send a copy.

【Schedule from Application to Program Participation】

  • 1 Applications Open Mid-April
  • 2 Application Deadline Mid-May
  • 3 Payment of Program Fees Late-May
  • 4 Travel to Japan Mid-July