Procedures for Returning Home

The following procedures and tasks are required when returning home. Please confirm the contents and make certain to take care of these things. If there are any questions, please ask the office for assistance.
Submission of the Returnee Card
In order for the university to follow up on international students after they have returned to their homeland, students are asked to provide their address and contact information on the (returnee) card” (Excel) and submit it to the Liaison Center for International Education Administration office.
Participation in the Orientation for Returning International Students
An orientation is held for returning international students. Notification of the time and date will be posted and sent by e-mail. We would like to encourage students to participate.
Notification of Change of Address (Overseas), National Health Insurance Fee Settlement, National Pension Cancellation Procedures
Approximately two weeks to one month before returning home, students are required to go to the National Health Insurance Division or Civil Division at Nagasaki City Hall to return their National Health Insurance Card. At that time, you should also settle insurance and pension charges and submit a Notification of Change of Address at the same window. The following documents are required.
1. E-Ticket 2. Notification on Change of Address (three copies) 3. Residence Card 4. Pension Handbook 5. Nation Health Insurance Card 6. Payment Booklet for the National Health Insurance 7. My Number Card (My Number Notification Card)
Return Residence Card
At the departure airport, you will receive a departure stamp on the Residence Card and return it to immigration. It is not necessary to return the Residence Card if you have a re-entry permit (including Special Re-Entry Permit).
Application to Withdraw Residence from the International House or an Apartment
Make sure to contact the landlord or management company one month prior to moving out for the International House or (one to two months) before the contracted date for private apartments. Please be careful so that you are not charged extra rent due to late notification.
Cancellation Electricity / Gas / Water / Cell-Phones
Please make certain to cancel contracts with utilities such as electricity, gas, water supply, and telephone services. When your departure day is determined, (around one week before departing), electricity, gas, water supply, telephone services, and cell-phone services should be cancelled by contacting the utility companies and making final payments. You should follow instructions for the method of payment.
Disposal of Oversize Refuse
For disposing of unnecessary items, please follow the local garbage collection rules. When throwing away oversized items, it is necessary to make contact beforehand. You can confirm refuse rules on a homepage (concerning large garbage). Please take personal responsiblity for large items such as cars and motorcycles.
Mail Service
Mail cannot be forwarded to countries outside of Japan. Before leaving to your homeland, please inform the Liaison Center for International Education Administration office of your contact information (including your address).
※You do not need to return your Japanese driver’s license.