Student Exchange Programs

This program is a non-degree program for the regular students of our partner university which has agreement on student exchange. As a part of an undergraduate or graduate school, students will attend lectures or receive research guidance alongside Japanese students for one semester or one academic year. Please note that this program is not for the thesis work.

About Student Exchange Program

Application Requirements
  • Applicants must be enrolled as regular students in a partner university and not have graduated from their home universities before completing their mobility period at Nagasaki University.
  • Applicants must meet the application requirements of the faculty or graduate school they petition for.
  • Applicants should be nominated by their home universities.
Study Period
One Semester or One Academic Year
Admission Period
End of September or beginning of April

Application Procedures

Spring Semester
  • 1 Start of Application Mid-October
  • 2 Nomination Deadline November 10
  • 3 Application Deadline November 20
  • 4 Screening End of January
  • 5 Notification of Result End of January
  • 6 Delivery of Letter of Acceptance
    and Certificate of Eligibility
    From the middle of February to the end
  • 7 Arrival in Japan Middle of March
Fall Enrollment
  • 1 Start of Application Mid-April
  • 2 Nomination Deadline May 10
  • 3 Application Deadline May 20
  • 4 Screening End of July
  • 5 Notification of Result End of July
  • 6 Delivery of Letter of Acceptance
    and Certificate of Eligibility
    From the middle of August to the end
  • 7 Arrival in Japan Middle of September
Application for Student Exchange Program
Online application only. Please check “Program Outline and Requirements” and “Course List and Research Content List” thoroughly before submitting your application.
If the nominee requires special needs and wishes to request reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments, please provide us the following information by the nomination deadline along with documentation from a medical doctor or other qualified and appropriate professional that lists the student’s diagnosis (or diagnoses) and describes the area(s) in which the student experiences difficulty.

・Student’s full name
・Type of disability or special needs
・Desired reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments
・Reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments provided at home university
・Aspects of his/her daily life that are affected by the disability or special needs

Under no circumstances will a student experience discrimination or be disadvantaged in the application process as a result of consulting with Nagasaki University regarding a disability or special needs. However, please note that it may not be able to provide reasonable accommodations and academic adjustments without informing and consulting with us prior to applying.

Application Deadline

Fall Enrollment:May 20

Spring Enrollment:November 20

※Applicants should be nominated by their home universities beforehand.
【Documents and data necessary to submit through online application system】
・Study Plan(downloadable below)
・Recommendation Letter
・Certificate of Enrollment
・Academic Transcript
・Copy of your passport
・ID photo data (should be a different one from your passport photo)
・Certificate of Health (downloadable below)
・Application for Certificate of Eligibility (downloadable below)
・Official certificate of Language proficiency to meet the language requirement of Faculty/School/Graduate School of your desire