For International Researchers

The alien registration system was abolished on July 9th, 2012.
Following is relevant information regarding living in Japan and Nagasaki.
  • Please keep your alien registration certificate as it is.

    You may continue to use your alien registration certificate as an equivalent to the “resident card” until your next visa extension. Should you not need to extend your stay, you will not need to create a new “resident card”.
  • Re-entry applications are no longer necessary.

    However, the above is applied only for the re-entry to Japan within one year of departure AND within the approved period of residency. Should re-entry be later than 1 year and/or within 5 years after departure, a special re-entry permit needs to obtained from the Immigration Bureau.
  • We can now provide certificates of residence.

    Municipal offices have mailed out pink “Provisional Resident Record Notifications” to those individuals concerned. Please confirm the receipt of the documents.
  • Please contact the municipal office of your new residence within fourteen days of moving.

    There are a number of branch offices besides the main office in Nagasaki City. You can complete this procedure at the Nagasaki City Nishi-Urakami branch office located on the second floor of Chitosepia mall. Please submit “Notice of Change of Address” and a “Moving-in Notification.”
  • Researchers returning to their home countries at the completion of their research are requested to contact the nearest municipal office.

    You will be asked to file a “Notification of Leaving the Country” at the municipal office.