Online Study in Japan (Sab-Saharan Africa): FAQ for Prospective Students

A total of five faculties and schools at Nagasaki University participated in the “Online Study in Japan (Sab-Saharan Africa)” held from August 3 to September 10, 2021. Below, please find a summary of frequently asked questions during the consultations in the fair. We hope those of you who wish to study in Japan choose Nagasaki University as your study destination. Hope to see you in Nagasaki!



Q1. Are there any scholarships available for international students?

There are several scholarships that are available for international students. However, the Japanese government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarship is one of the scholarships that can be applied before you arrive in Japan. Applicants of MEXT scholarship must be 35 years old or younger, and the monthly stipend is approximately 140,000 yen per month. In addition to the monthly stipend, MEXT scholarship students are exempt from entrance examination, entrance, and tuition fees.

Other types of scholarships can be applied after your enrollment at the university. Each scholarship has different conditions, and you can check the details from the weblink below.


In addition, if you meet certain conditions, you will be fully or partially exempt from tuition.

Tuition exemption:


Q2. How should I proceed with admission procedures?

If you wish to enroll in an undergraduate program, you need to submit your application online. Our undergraduate programs also require that you take some of the classes in Japanese, so taking the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) is a part of the requirement. Since the application requirements differ in each faculty/school, please download the application guidelines from the link below.

Application guidelines:

If you wish to enroll in a graduate program, you need to obtain pre-enrollment approval from professor before taking the entrance examination. Please find an academic supervisor who can provide guidance in your field of study. You can find your academic advisor from “Nagasaki University Researcher Database”.

Researcher database:

Application procedures differ depending on each graduate school. Please refer to the weblink below for more details.


Q3. Is it possible to get a degree in English?

Yes. There are several programs that offer a degree in English. Please refer to the chart below.


*English Taught programs/courses

Graduate School Program Degree
Biomedical Sciences


Disaster and Radiation Medical Sciences Master
Priority Graduate Program

(Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Master / Doctor
Program for Nurturing Global Leaders in Tropical and Emerging Communicable Diseases Doctor
Tropical Medicine and Global Health Tropical Medicine / International Health

Development / Health Innovation

LU-LSHTM Joint PhD Degree Program for Global Health Doctor
Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Program Master
Water and Environmental Engineering Master/Doctor
Fisheries and Environmental Sciences All master’s programs in the department of Fisheries Master
All master’s programs in the department of Environmental Sciences Master
All doctoral programs in the department of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences Doctor


Q4. How much is the tuition fee?                                 * 1USD= 109 JPY

Examination fee Entrance fee Tuition
Undergraduate 17,000 yen (155 USD) 282,000 yen (2,580 USD) 535,800 yen (4,903 USD) /year
Graduate 30,000 yen (247 USD) 282,000 yen (2,580 USD) 535,800 yen (4,903 USD)/year
Research student 9,800 yen (89 USD) 84,600 yen (774 USD) 29,700 yen (271 USD)/month


Q5. Are there any dormitories available for international students?

Yes. The dormitory fee is 120,000-160,000 yen (1,098 -1,464 USD) for six months and the fee needs to be paid twice a year.  If there are no vacancies in the dormitory, you will have to move into a private apartment. The average rent for the apartment near campus is about 35,000 -45,000 JPY (320 – 411 USD) per month.

University dormitories:


Q7. How much does it cost to live in Japan?

The average living expense in Nagasaki is about 60,000~80,000 yen (549~732 USD) per month.


Q8. Are there any support systems for newly enrolled international students?

Yes. International students can use “Tutor System” for the first year after the entrance. You will receive support from Nagasaki University students to be able to adjust to your new lifestyle in Nagasaki as quickly as possible.


【Websites of participating faculty/school to the online study in Japan】

●School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences

●Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Leadership Program

●School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health

●Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences

●Graduate School of Engineering